Reverie Drummer
Timothy was born into a musical family and began playing around the age of 3. His worship pastor father and classically-trained, oboist mother taught him to have an appreciation for all styles of music. By the age of 13, he was gigging around NC and, by the time he graduated college, was playing professionally as a session and touring musician.
Timothy started Reverie because he found a lack of drum companies that understood the needs of the modern musician and drummer. He could look anywhere and find companies telling people what to buy, and others that simply cost a fortune; however, there were none that worked with the musician/drummer to build and craft a sound for them.
“Reverie is the result of over 15 years of touring, recording, and teaching drums. My passion for the art of music has led me on a journey of crafting instruments that help drummers express their own voice.”
Apart from building Reverie drums, Timothy still teaches, records, and plays professionally.
Watch Tim Demo Reverie