Reverie Drummer
Chaisaray Schenck is a multi-genre drummer who thrives on finding the pulse of inspiration within any situation that he engages in. Using music as his main medium, communicating positive change to the world is his ultimate goal.
Chaisaray comes from a family of musicians. His parent’s raised both he and his older brother to play with a heart for the music. In his growing career, Chaisaray has joined musicians such as: Melissa Reaves, the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, Cody Wright, Us The Duo, and more. He maneuvers with selfless passion in hopes of building and inspiring the lives of anyone he joins on a musical stage and the audience.
“Music is the one common language that we all have and it’s often taken for granted through greed, search for fame, lack of content, focus, or purpose. The world will never have enough positive energy so let’s infuse it any way that we can.”
Reverie Drum Demo
Chais’ Testimonial Video