Cymbal Modifications

If you’re looking to modify or donate a cracked or old cymbal, you’ve come to the right place.
To learn more about the modification process, check out the FAQ.


Why modify?

Most modern cymbal manufacturers crank out hundreds if not thousands of any particular cymbal at a given time. This means they are not able to spend the necessary time fine tuning a certain cymbal to ensure it sounds its best before they send it out the door. Cymbals are incredibly complex instruments with more overtones than just about any other noisemaker known to man. Even if you hear a 20″ _____ _____ ride on a video and you order the same one online, you’ll find that it WILL sound different. There may be frequencies that are unpleasant to the ear. It may be higher/lower pitched than you thought. It may be too mellow or too aggressive. This is why a custom cymbal mod from Stack Ring is often very beneficial. I tune and modify the cymbals myself, making sure they sound their best. This oftentimes means lowering or raising the fundamental pitch, removing weird overtones that dominate the cymbal, opening up the crash of cymbals that are too “pingy” or “thick” sounding, and modifying/repairing cymbals that may have cracks or damage.

Do modifications vary?

Yes, cymbal modifications vary greatly depending on the cymbals being worked on. Some cymbal alloys that are a certain brand or age may be more brittle than others. Because of this, there is a chance that cracks may occur during modification. In nearly every case those cracks can be repaired without decreasing the life of the cymbal (through drilling holes/cutting out cracked sections. Reverie Drum Co. will not be held liable for cracks that occur due to old and weaker cymbals or lower quality cymbal alloy.