What is our return policy? (Reverie Drums and Stack Ring Accessories)2020-09-10T07:48:04-04:00

Because our drums and accessories are custom-made, they are typically non-returnable. However, in some instances we may be able to assist you if something isn’t right. Contact Tim with any questions, and for approval for a return. You must receive approval before returning any item, or you may not receive a refund. Once you’ve received approval for a return, the following steps need to be followed:
1) Item must be returned in the same condition it was sent to you, i.e. no damage.
2) Item must be packed in the same manner it was shipped to you, with plenty of padding to avoid damage in shipping.
3) Item must be insured for the full value.
Refunds will not be issued until the item has been received in our shop and inspected for damage.
Original shipping and handling fees will not be refunded. Any credit card fees will be subtracted from the refund, as well as a 20% restock fee. If the item has damage that requires repairs, and/or us having to resell it as ‘B’ stock, damage fees beyond the 20% restock fee may be incurred.
Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.
We must be contacted about any concerns within 30 days of shipment for a possible return to be accepted.

For Stack Ring accessories, we must be contacted within 2 weeks. Because they are made from recycled cymbals, handling with care is essential when enjoying Stack Ring accessories. We make every effort to ensure the safety of the items, but they are not suitable for young children. Stack Ring Percussion and Reverie Drums are not responsible for how our products are used by purchasers.

For international orders, be advised that returns are very difficult and, in almost every case, we do not offer returns. If you have any questions or concerns, email Timothy at tim@reveriedrums.com.


What is our return policy and warranty? (Cymbal Modifications)2020-09-10T07:46:53-04:00

Our modifications come with a very limited, 30 day warranty from the time the cymbal(s) is received after the modification. Because we are altering a used cymbal(s) that may be vintage and/or compromised (containing cracks, visible or not), Mod. Cymbal Co. may not be held responsible for additional cracking or damage that may occur due to the previous state of the cymbal(s). If this happens during the modification, we will repair the crack by drilling a hole at each end and widening the crack to stop it from continuing. If the crack is at the edge of the cymbal, we will “scoop” out the crack and smooth the edges. If this occurs within 30 days after the mod, you may ship the cymbal(s) back to us and we will repair the cymbal(s) at no additional cost. Shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Because we are beginning with a used cymbal(s), we cannot offer a full refund or pay for the shipping of the cymbal(s) back to us for repair. Many factors go into a cymbal’s durability, but with modified and thinner cymbals the chance of cracking is increased when care is not taken in how the drummer plays the cymbal(s). 

Process videos will be sent to the customer during (when requested) and after the modification for approval, so if the customer isn’t satisfied with the modification they may send it back to us and we will (within reason) further modify the cymbal at a reduced rate (decided on before the cymbal is sent back to us and depending on the scope). If further mods are requested after a “finalization” and full payment has taken place but before we complete the mod, there may be an additional cost. 

What is a cymbal modification?2020-07-09T10:58:50-04:00

Most modern cymbal manufacturers crank out hundreds if not thousands of a particular cymbal at a given time. Some also use large machines to press and hammer each cymbal blank the exact same way. This means that they can’t spend the time fine tuning a cymbal to ensure it sounds its best. Cymbals are incredibly complex instruments with more overtones than just about any other instrument known to man. Even if you hear a cymbal on a video and order the same model online, you’ll find that it will sound different. There may be frequencies that are unpleasant to the ear. It may be higher/lower pitched than you thought. It may be too mellow or too aggressive. This is why we offer custom cymbal mods. I have owned hundreds of cymbals in my time as a professional musician and have relentlessly pursued the “perfect cymbal”. While I’ve come to learn that the “perfect cymbal” doesn’t exist, I’ve also come to a deep understanding of just what an artform cymbal smithing really is. You can’t approach 2 cymbals the same way. Each one has a unique response to the lathe or the hammer, and knowing how to bring the best out of each one is not an easy task. It is, however, incredibly rewarding to craft the sound into something more musical, functional, and valuable. We tune and lathe the cymbals in-house, making sure they sound their best. This oftentimes means lowering or raising the fundamental pitch, removing weird overtones that dominate the cymbal, opening up the crash of cymbals that are too “pingy” or “thick” sounding, and modifying/repairing cymbals that may have cracks or damage. Let us know if you have that one cymbal that isn’t quite there, and we’ll make sure it becomes the one cymbal that never leaves your bag.

– Timothy Roberts

Do we ship internationally?2021-01-07T14:35:46-05:00

We normally ship Internationally, but there are some things to be aware of:

  •  Reverie Drum Co./ Stack Ring Percussion has no knowledge of, and is not responsible for your country’s Customs requirements and fees. Please factor these into your purchasing decisions.
  • Due to Covid, international shipments no longer have guaranteed deliveries. We have had packages take weeks longer than expected to arrive at their destination.
  • If delivery attempts are made and the package is returned to us for whatever reason outside of a mistake on our part, we will have to charge for the shipment to be sent again.
  • There are no returns on international orders.
Do we offer customizations?2020-07-09T11:11:46-04:00

Yes! We gladly offer customizations on either Reverie Drums, Reverie customized and modified  cymbals, and Stack Ring Percussion accessories. If you have a particular sound, specification, or crazy hair-brained idea we’d love to hear about it and see if we can make it a reality. Just drop us a line in the contact page or send an email directly to tim@reveriedrums.com.

Cymbal Modification Pricing2020-09-10T07:42:24-04:00

Tier 1- Rivet drilling, edge crack cut out, bell or bow crack drilling and widening : $50

  • Price includes rivets

Tier 2- Light rehammering, rivet drilling, and everything under “tier 1” : $65

Tier 3- Lathing (up to 500 grams removed) + applicable rehammering : $100

  • An additional fee of $35 will be applied to cymbals that need extensive hammering and/or changes desired after the original modification is completed.

Tier 4- Extensive lathing (500-1500 grams removed and lathing a pair of hi-hats) + applicable rehammering : $135

  • The maximum weight cymbal we will work on is roughly around 3500 grams (about 7.5 lbs)
  • An additional fee of $35 will be applied to cymbals that need extensive hammering and/or changes desired after the original modification is completed.

These prices do not include shipping to and from the shop. 

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