Mod: custom cymbal modification


Cymbal modifications through the process of hammering and/or lathing

Light Mod: Mild adjustments, under 100g weight removal

Regular Mod: Significant change, 100g-500g weight removal

Heavy Mod: Drastic change, 500-1000g weight removal

*Custom-Tailored Add On: Before and After Videos, Additional time for the cymbal to mature after the Mod so that later adjustments can be made after the cymbal settles (please allow 3-6 weeks after the Mod is complete)

*Shipping charge is for BOTH to and from the shop. After your order is placed, we’ll be in touch with instructions for packing and when we receive the weight/dimensions we will email you a shipping label.

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  • We simply cannot draw out any sound from any cymbal. Each finished cymbal has been worked into a pre-destined shape and tension, so there are limitations to what a Mod can accomplish.
  • We do not modify cheaper, entry level cymbals. B20 and some higher-quality B8 alloys are what we accept. If you are unsure about what your cymbal is made of, or if it qualifies for a Mod, send us a pic or tell us the brand/model and we’ll let you know!
  • We do not remove more than around 1000 grams of weight, due to issues that may be pre-existing in the cymbal alloy
  • The maximum weight cymbal we will modify is around 3200-3500 grams (around 7lbs.)
  • Many factors determine a cymbal’s durability, but with modified, and especially thinner cymbals, the chance of cracking is increased when care is not taken in how the drummer plays the cymbal(s). Therefore there are no returns and no warranties. If you’re modified cymbal cracks, reach out to us about a repair. 

Light Mod:

  • Benefits
    • Great for cymbals that are “mostly” there but may have mild issues
    • Removes unpleasant frequencies and tames overtones
    • Repair any cracks and add rivets
    • Under 100 gram weight removal

Regular Mod:

  • Includes benefits of Light Mod Plus:
    • Significantly lowers fundamental pitch
    • Softens the feel of the cymbal and adds washiness
    • 100-500 gram weight removal

Heavy Mod:

  • Includes benefits of Regular Mod Plus:
    • Completely changes the pitch, feel, and sustain of the cymbal.
    • Between 500-1000 gram weight removal

Add On Mods

  • Custom-Tailored:
    • Additional time for maturing & adjustments
    • Before & after videos plus additional tweaks after the Mod is complete
    • Please allow between 3-6 weeks for the cymbal to “settle” after the Mod and before further adjustments are made
  • Drill Mod:
    • Up to 20 effects holes to add significant ‘trashiness’
    • Rivet Holes
  • Patina:
    • Adds dark coloration and mild “taming” effect


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