Halo Gong


The Halo Gong is a hanging cymbal that can be played with either the hand or a stick. They tend to be quieter than most cymbals with less sustain, but they have a fair amount of attack and can provide beautiful quick accents. Each one is unique so let us know if you are looking for trashy, dark, or shimmery tones and we’ll pick one out for you!

  • Sizes vary from 17″-22″ w/ a width of between 2″ and 5″
  • Mounting is done via 2 rings that hook over a boom cymbal stand (see images)
  • Each one is unique and crafted by hand
  • For international orders email tim@reveriedrums.com



Made of expired cymbals and recycled percussion parts, Stack Ring Percussion takes what is old and unwanted and turns it into fresh inspiration. Using cracked, broken, and blemished cymbals to create them makes this one of the most environmentally conscious products on the market. You can even send in your expired cymbals and we will discount the price on any Stack Ring products that are made from your cymbal.

*Each Stack Ring Percussion product is crafted by hand. No two are alike! If you have special requests please let us know when you place your order!
*For International orders please email tim@reveriedrums.com


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