This kit comes in either 20×14, 12×8, and 16×14 OR 18×14, 12×8, and 14×13. It’s made of 8 ply maple shells with semi-round edges on the batter side and softened 45* edges on the reso side. They come with triple flanged hoops, 1″ tube lugs, and a set of “little booty shakers” for the rack tom. This set is warm without sacrificing projection and clarity. The venue series drums, in a broad sense, are designed with specs that allow for the drums to work well in any environment without sacrificing tone and quality of sound.

  • These kits are made-to-order so please allow 3-5 weeks for production
  • Kits come with single-ply, coated batter heads and clear resonant heads
  • Email any questions to