Maple “Antique White” 4 pc. Kit – Old Stock

$2,595.00 $2,250.00

“Old Stock” essentially means it is a used drum. It’s still in great shape, but there may be light scuffs and scratches. It is fully functioning, however, and will come with fresh batter side heads.


Reverie shell pack: 18×14, 12×8, 14×14, and 14×5 sizes, 5 ply maple shells w/ re-rings, diecast hoops, semi-round bearing edges, vintage style lugs, and classic “Antique White” wrap. This is one of three limited edition bebop style kits from Reverie. The tones are warm and resonant and tune beautifully in any register. This kit is much more than a simple jazz kit. It can do so much! Modern building techniques and parts make these kits incredibly durable while still providing that sought-after sound.


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