Mahogany Kit- 20×14, 12×8, 16×14 shell pack


The Venue series is our fully customizable line of drums.

They can be crafted to fill loud, difficult rooms without overpowering them or catered to meet the needs of the touring drummer who’s looking for maximum portability without sacrificing tone.


This kit has a 20×14 kick, 12×8 rack, and 16×14 floor. This kit is made of 5 ply mahogany shells with modern 45 degree semi-round edges. This gives the set warmth without sacrificing projection and clarity.

The Vintage series creates the sound reminiscent of music from the 50s’ and 60s’. These drums have a lot of warmth, resonance, and possess “old soul” character.

They are perfect for Bebop, Funk, and Old School Rock n’ Roll.



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