Reverie Drum and Stack Ring Percussion Series

Stack Ring Percussion

An accessory instrument that can be placed on a drum or hooked to the cymbal/hi-hat wingnut for an instant change in the tone and color of the instrument it’s on. Each one is unique and made by hand in the Reverie workshop.

Sensory Percussion Drums

These drums are designed entirely for the Sensory Percussion sensors. They feature shallow shells w/ no reso head for portability and the ability to stack or nest, mesh drumheads, wooden rims, and rubber rim silencers. Their entire design is built with functionality and portability in mind. These are the perfect drums for your hybrid acoustic/electric setups!

Venue Series Drums

The Venue series is our fully customizable line of drums. They can be crafted to fill loud, difficult rooms without overpowering them or catered to meet the needs of the touring drummer who’s looking for maximum portability without sacrificing tone.

Vintage Series Drums

The Vintage series creates the sound reminiscent of music from the 50s’ and 60s’. These drums have a lot of warmth, resonance, and possess “old soul” character. They are perfect for Bebop, Funk, and Old School Rock n’ Roll.

Stave Series Drums

Our Stave series drums offer a distinct sound that only comes with solid wood constructed shells. They come in a variety of exotic wood types and have beautifully clear tone and versatility.

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Our Clients Say

“The 14×11 mahogany snare you made for me earlier this year sounds so amazing. I couldn’t be happier with it!  I just got an Evans hydraulic on that bad boy recently and I’ve been getting crazy compliments from sound techs at some worship gigs I’ve been doing! Thanks so much for the amazing drum!”

Zac Ziegler