Find the Drums that Inspire You

Tired of big box drums that feel stifling to creativity?  At Reverie, each kit is made for the drummer.  We work with you to find the kit that let’s you perform at your best.

Need a custom kit that fits your playing style?


1. Consultation

It’s frustrating to play on a kit that doesn’t fit you.  Have you spent years buying and selling drums only to find that they aren’t quite right?  Tell us about your playing style, your influences and where you’ll be playing.  Together we’ll find the drums that are unique to you.


2. Build

We get to work on your drums.  Each drum is handcrafted to give you the confidence to play your best.


3. Delivery

Your new personalized drum kit is delivered.  No more frustration or feeling like you’re playing someone else’s kit.  Trust in our Quality Commitment to deliver high quality drums that you’re happy with or we’ll make it right.


Inspired Personalized Drums

Every musician goes on a journey to develop their unique sound and express it. You need the right instrument that’s made for you.

Ready to be inspired?


“Reverie is the result of over a decade of touring, recording, and teaching drums. My passion for the art of music has led me on a journey crafting instruments that help drummers express their own voice.”

- Tim Roberts

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