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Are you tired of searching for an instrument to express your sound? Every drummer ought to have a personalized instrument that inspires them.  Get one that’s built for you.


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Featured Artist

Chaisaray Schenck

A multi-genre drummer who thrives on finding the pulse of inspiration in any situation.

In his growing career, Chaisaray has joined musicians such as: Melissa Reaves, the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, Cody Wright, Us The Duo, and more.
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Geoff Clapp

Our Clients Say

“There are so many options for drums out there now and to me a lot of them sound the same. As a result, I never cared what brand of drum I had just so long as I they sounded “okay,” and long as I could say what I wanted without anything getting in the way. The first time I played Reverie drums they spoke back to me. They met me in the middle. You always know a great drum when you hear it. It challenges you to come up to its level. It destroys your excuses. You have no one to blame but yourself because the drum is doing its job. That’s what I love about them.”

Jonathan Greene, Reverie Artist

“I honestly didn’t know what I was searching for until I received my Reverie kit. The kit matched my personality as a drummer and it’s set me on a path of sound discovery. I recommend Reverie drums to anyone who wants to find their personal sound with beautiful drums, while not having to worry about sacrificing the quality of the drums.”

Chais Schenck, Reverie Artist

“It’s simple, clean and extremely well made. This is my first drum from them and I am more than satisfied with this awesome drum. If you ever wanted to sound like you’re drumming in Snapcase, Therapy or Pearl Jam I recommend having Reverie make you a piccolo. You won’t be disappointed. I’m glad I pulled the trigger and returned to my roots.”

Wes Keely, K Brakes

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Like wearing clothes that don’t fit, playing an instrument that isn’t made for you doesn’t feel good.

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